Gas repairs/servicing

We carry out a full gas system soundness test on both motorhomes and caravans to ensure you have no leaks on your gas system or if you have an issue we can find and fix this for you, we can also carry out a full insurance approved gas commissioning test.

When you have work done on your caravan or motorhome, you want to be sure that your vehicle has been serviced by trained and experienced professionals. We at North West Wales Leisure have all the necessary qualifications to make sure you receive the highest standard when servicing your caravan in North Wales. See our Qualifications here

  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Check regulator performance and carry out leak test
  • Check condition and date of flexible hose
  • Check condition and security of all pipe work
  • Check condition of LPG sticker on locker and security of gas bottles
  • Check gas dispersal holes for obstructions
  • Check fridge ignition, FFD and cooling
  • Check operation of cooker, hob and oven. Ignition, flame and FFD
  • Check operation of space heater. Ignition, flame and FFD
  • Check operation of water heater. Ignition, flame and FFD
  • Check operation and condition of external gas point if fitted
Gas Safety Check